Made with by 18y/o maker Toni Codina, nominated as 2018's Maker of The Year

The design files


One of the most complex products I have built this year, for which I designed not only different pages & states, but also I multiple iterations, seeking to create a cohesive and smart interface, with a good user experience.

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Exposure Cards

My first product, and yet one of the most ambitious. Exposure Cards is a content discovery system with a submission system, which required a lot of thinking. While I initially tried going for a minimal style, I fell in love with a unique look that made all the difference.

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Random Hunt

Being a product full of surprises, Random Hunt needed to adapt to all sorts of thumbnails and products that could be displayed on the press of a button. I wanted to represent this change by switching colors all the time, and it really shows in the file of this one.

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Following the holiday spirit, the style of this product had to be drastically different from the rest. This is why not only it was more colorful and with several designs and illustrations, but it also used a serif font, Playfair Display, to make it all more cheery and fancy.

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In spite of its simplicity, Scaleboot had the challenge to connect with a broad audience, made up by bootstrappers, makers and even startup founders. I originally wanted to play with isometric shapes, but ended up going for something flat, yet more effective.

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Product Hunt Preview

A small product that was quite straightforward to make. Product Hunt Preview didn’t need to have any extra pages added, but it made me have to sketch different variations of the layout, in order to be as explicit as possible as to what it did.

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